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This fora.tv video shows how communication on the battlefield is evolved through mesh networks.

Last month, at a remote disused air-defense base outside of Leningrad, upwards or 300 Russian Fallout fans recreated post-apocalyptic California in a live-action role-playing game based on Fallout.
There are a lot of fans of “Fallout” game across the world. In Russia this electronic entertainment piece is widely recognized too. Sometimes the anticipation to game goes so strong that devoted people are trying to transfer the gameplay to real life, stating that some Russian abandoned locations are a perfect fit for an image of “New California” after it was bombed by nuclear missiles.
Brothers of steel, rangers, peaceful citizens, raiders and many others are those who you can meet if to visit one of those locations. “Game is so attractive when it’s played for real that sometimes you even forget that this is the game”, says one of the participants. “Especially if you try to keep the quality of the costumes and everything as much high and close to the game as possible”, he adds.

 I see a lot of modified airsoft guns in those pics - you should check them all out.

Sources: KotakuEnglish Russia, livejournal (translated)


Some of this "system's" features include a HUD inside the helmet; voice commands that unlock a weapon or set it to less-than-lethal force, a powered exoskeleton to increase a soldier's movement endurance and even "neural prosthetics" and "drugs that aid cognitive ability." 

Read more at this nypost article.

It's a little long, but far worth the wait - or you can go to 4:16 to see the part where the Samurai cuts the airsoft pellet in flight. Can I have this guy on my team?

Heckler & Koch 416 Vs. Colt M4 - Over the Beach SOCOM Test.


In this powerful talk, P.W. Singer shows how the widespread use of robots in war is changing the realities of combat. He shows us scenarios straight out of science fiction -- that now may not be so fictitious.

Source: TED

In modern warfare, the advantage often goes to guerrillas who can attack, then quickly hide among the population or disappear into the hills. To counter those tactics, the Pentagon since 2001 has been arming unmanned aerial vehicles to identify and destroy targets with missiles. The Defense Department is seeking weapons for UAVs that can strike enemies but limit collateral damage, especially in cities.  

Amsterdam, April 16, 2009 /PRNewswire/ — Philips announces the launch of the exclusive 'Carousel' movie to promote the eagerly anticipated Cinema 21:9 LCD TV.

To celebrate the imminent arrival of the groundbreaking Cinema 21:9 LCD TV, Philips has launched a new website which will act as the dedicated online home of the world's first cinema proportioned television screen.

Found on-line at www.philips.co.uk/cinema, the site is host to an exclusive fully interactive movie, entitled Carousel, directed by Adam Berg with music provided from Michael Fakesch. The 2 minute 19 second cinematic feature is filmed in one continuous tracking shot and offers an exploration into the world of movies being made for the cinema screen through the eyes of the director and the special effects and lighting experts. During playback of the movie, users have interactive touch points in which they can access additional content and feature demonstrations.

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