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An outstanding opportunity for the right government agency to obtain a vessel which normally takes 4-5 years to complete. These vessels are proven in service with the Russian and Greek navies and their square-shaped pontoon structure provides a rugged, stable and seaworthy platform. The middle section accommodates the compartment for armored vehicles to be landed with the two outer sections housing the troop compartments, crew living quarters, life support and nuclear, biological and chemical protection areas.
She is complete with navigation and electronic systems.

Source:  Portland Crate via Gizmodo

The Barrett M82 Sniper Rifle from SOCOM Gear is a beast of a gun. It's nearly 5 feet long and weighs almost 30 pounds. Check out this full review from Tim at Airsoft GI. 

The SOCOM Gear Barrett M82 is unlike any other airsoft gun in the world. SOCOM Gear has the legal licensing to use Barrett's name and they've built an unrivaled masterpiece. No other company has Barrett's blessing to put their name on airsoft products, as a result, the companies trade mark is proudly located on the side of the body. The exterior is rock solid, everything is metal (except for the parts that aren't supposed to be, of course), and every detail mirrors the real Barrett .50 cal. This is the ultimate sniper rifle for the ultimate sniper. No other long range airsoft replica can compare to the beast that is the SOCOM Gear Barrett M82!

Newsweek brings us a a gallery of 15 military images and related stories of the Weirdest, Coolest Weapons in the U.S. Arsenal.

While unmanned air vehicles are putting pilots out of business, a new U.S. Army-funded robot could do the same for rescuers and stevedores.

The humanoid BEAR (Battlefield Extraction-Assist Robot) can locate victims in a mine shaft, battlefield, toxic spill, or earthquake-damaged structure. And then it can lift them up and then carry them over long distances to safety, according to the manufacturer Vecna Robotics. And it does this without risking any more lives.

The challenge was to enhance search and rescue while reducing the time military, police, and emergency response personnel have to risk their lives each day. More than half of the Medals of Honor earned by medics are awarded posthumously, according to Vecna.

The guys at Airsoftology brings us a new podcast titled “There’s An App For That” for your listening pleasure.

Tim Mays and Jon Sparks join Airsoftology to talk about the Airsoft Operators Challenge, the $500 cash prize event taking place during Op:Invading Winter.

Sam returns to help with a review of the KWA MP7, and Steve talks about an amazing new rifle sling from Sniper Pro Shop.

Shooters Design CNC Slide & Barrel Set for KSC USP Compact 
Shooters Design CNC Kimber SIS Slide for Marui Hi Capa 5.1
China See-More Red Dot Scope
Pantac (OTV) Outer Tactical Vest Neck Pad
Pantac Liner Pad For Duty Belts
Socom Gear Army M9 GBB (Free M12 style holster)
Pantac Maritime Force Recon Vest with MOLLE Pouches
VFC M16A3 E Series
VFC SR16 Defender (E Series)
Avalon MK12 MOD1
VFC 160rds Magazine for SCAR-H 3pcs Box Set


Many airsoft players consider snipers to have one of the most sought after roles on the field. In an airsoft skirmish, the sniper plays an important role both in eliminating opponents and communicating important information to the team. If you are considering putting your skills to the test as an airsoft sniper, here are a few things to know...

To reach far beyond typical high speed photography (keep in mind, we're talking over 41,000 times the speed of traditional film), the footage was captured using dual Shimadzu HPV-1 cameras shooting at a scant 312x260 resolution. Regardless, the black and white tonal detail is still more than good enough to astound.

For a special treat, load the clip around 7:30 in to watch what happens when a hollow point bullet strikes what looks like cement. The bullet's clinical deconstruction.

Be sure to see other videos of more slow motion bullet impacts! Slow Motion video of bullet impacts made by Werner Mehl from Kurzzeit. These are by far the best slow motion bullet impacts available anywhere. Watch for the hollow point rounds in the ballistics gel.

Source: Kurzzeit via Gizmodo

RWL Magpul x JP Rifles M4
Bomber Custom Gas Blowback XM177E1
G&P 138rds Illuminated Mid Cap AK Magazine
G&P 130rds Mid Cap M16 Magazine
WE Co2 WE SCAR L Magazine
PDI Prevision Cylinder Set HD/VC for Tokyo Marui L96 AWS
Tactical X-Tak Knee And Elbow Pad
Magpul PTS Green Label MS2 Sling
Socom Gear Army M9 GBB (Free M12 style holster)
Milspex EOLAD Laser for Holo Sight
G&P Vltor Type Metal Receiver for Marui M4 / M16 AEG

A resident of Comal County, Texas named Jarrette Schule found a military issue missile launcher in his backyard. Figuring that the government would surely be looking for it, he made some calls. Amazingly enough, no one seemed to care.

Three hours later, an Army ordinance disposal team retrieved the weapon. There is still no word on how it got to Schule’s yard.

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