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The guys come back from holiday break we return with a vengence. On this first anniversary show they discuss a new UAV, the Magpul Masada ACR, and more info on the Contour HD Helmet Cam.

You can listen to the latest episode or download the podcast by visiting the site at www.gorillaairsoftradio.com or subscribe to their Libsyn RSS Feed.
The second iteration of Nevada Airsoft has been alive and kicking for nearly two years. During this time, we've been looking for more and better ways to help airsofters find and improve their games.

Over the coming months, you can expect to see some changes that will enhance site usability and improve user interaction.  Part of this change will bring focus to our primary communication tool, the forums. Other aspects will focus on the movers and shakers that help improve their local airsoft community. We will also be developing apps for social networking websites, such as Facebook, that will help promote airsoft in your local area. 
From the Associated Press and denverpost.com:

Thousands of U.S. Marines and Afghan soldiers stormed the Taliban stronghold of Marjah before dawn Saturday, February 13th, sweeping by air and ground against scattered resistance into the biggest southern town under militant control. The massive offensive was aimed at breaking the Taliban grip over a wide area of their southern heartland.

Check out the amazing full gallery at:
Ahhhhh! The horror! You can almost hear the screaming!

 Blendtec boasts the power of their blender by putting in an airsoft pistol and some rounds.

I have always found it difficult describing airsoft to those that may have never heard or seen it before. How in the world would you summarize your experience without getting an odd look?

It seems that this writer at Sabotage Time wrote a fantastic article that introduces airsoft to those who are unfamiliar to the sport.

"Want to strap up like John McClane and run around blowing shit up without getting yourself a life sentence? Welcome to airsoft, the all-action war game for your inner Rambo."
Looks like R Lee Ermey gives airsoft a thumbs-up!
These things are just so realistic, you know.  They're... They're fantastic. They're good stuff.
If I didn't know better, I'd say he was about to tear-up at the first part, but I don't want him yelling at me. Anyone else notice how his eyes lit up when he switched that gun to fully automatic?

I wish I had aimbot skills like these for airsoft.

Some relatively intense stuff, may be NSFW for really graphic imagery.

From: cqbradio.libsyn.com/
M120 Spring Has Sprung. Word on the Street is here with some ops to annoucne. Assessment talks about the Echo 1 Task Force Black PDW, the HFC M190, and the S-Thunder Landmine. Tricks of the Trade features an interview with Kyle from the North Atlantic Airsoft Expo. Loadout will discuss the Paladin Go-bag, the UTG Messenger bag, the ESS Goggles with Cortex clip, the Under Armour Tac gloves, and a full loadout from VooDoo Tactical. Dr. Airsoft tells us about dental safety in airsoft, then the Retailer Review is a discussion with Justin from Combat Sport Supply.

From: airsoftchannel.com/asradio

This issue talks about the KWA LM4 SR7 video on YouTube. Also "RAR" Alex joins the show via Skype (and provides a great review of the SRC v3 M4).

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