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We've added more features to the site.

The login/registration system has been revised to add more security and reduce the amount of spam.

We have removed the old Community Builder profile system. Community Builder hasn't been as useful as we thought and has been slowly replaced by custom improvements to forum profiles - in fact, we're going with a more forum-centric approach to interact with local players since this is the primary form of communication.

We've enabled a new comments system for news articles and events. Registers users can now add their input, including a min-profile (which links to forum profile) and comment rating.

We've added the ability for users to embed videos to their forum posts.

Just wrap the URL inbetween the [video] [/video] BBCode and the site will handle the rest.


Embedding is compatible with popular video hosting sites such as youtube, vimeo, facebook, photobucket, and more.

From gorillaairsoftradio.com

New episodes available - a ton of podcasts available in this update.

Direct Downloads:
Gorilla Airsoft Radio #26
Gorilla Airsoft Radio #27
Gorilla Airsoft Radio #28

You can listen to the latest episode or download the podcast by visiting the site at www.gorillaairsoftradio.com or subscribe to their Libsyn RSS Feed.
From http://cqbradio.blogspot.com

Show Highlights:
- Word On The Street: Airsoft ops in New England
- Assessment: Echo 1 M28, TSD SD97 and 98, WE PDW, and G&G GR16 with blowback
- Tricks of the Trade: Booligan's report from Shot Show 2011
- Loadout: Condor plate carrier and lipo batteries
- Retailer Review: LA Police Gear

Direct Download:

From opsecairsoft.com

Show Highlights:
On this show, Haggerty from WNYAL, TJ and Zach all sat in with Radar and Alphawolf to record. While we were a bit rusty starting out, we found our groove and had a blast.

In this episode, we answered listener mail, defined yet another term for the OPSEC Airsoft Dictionary and covered the main topic of how to start an airsoft team.

Direct Download:
The new OPSGEAR E-Catalog is available for download.

Grab a big box of tissues 'cause there's 74 pages of head-to-toe tactical pr0n to oogle at.

If the catalog isn't your thing, you can always view all the products at www.opsgear.com

As part of our series of continuous improvements to the website, we've focused our efforts to develop new and exciting forum features.

In this edition, we've changed the layout of user profiles that integrate split panes and easy to navigate tabs. This will make all the information less cumbersome while providing more structure to the profile data.

The best feature by far is the new "Team Information" tab.
This is a dedicated section that provides extended information such as your team logo (150px x 150px), website URL, and team description. As a bonus, your Team Name will also show up in your mini-profile when you make a post on the forums.

If you want to update your profile, follow the instructions after the jump...
9 Things You Should Know About Grunts

Redwolf Tactical is a mini series produce by Redwolf Airsoft (www.RedwolfAirsoft.com) as a means to spread some basic ideas and concept for airsoft players. This is not meant to be a hard resource but simply ideas worth thinking about. This is not Airsoft 101 but rather Airsoft 201; a chance to address a few things to move on to besides the raw basics.
Interviews with KWA, Spartan Imports, Airsoft inovations, and more. Plus tales of a depraved airsofter in the City of Sin.

You can listen to the latest episode or download the podcast by visiting the site at www.gorillaairsoftradio.com or subscribe to their Libsyn RSS Feed.
From http://cqbradio.blogspot.com/

Show Highlights:
- Word On The Street: A few wintertime ops
- Assessment: TM FN57, G&G Raiders, UTG Master Sniper Rifle
- Tricks Of The Trade: Micha from Cidasoft Airsoft
- Loadout: Bioshot and G4 BBs, AEG Wizard
- Retailer Review: EHobbyAsia
- Just In: New Airsoft Items

Direct Download Link:

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