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Is the death of airsoft near?

Doubtful, but it nice to see entertaining implementations of current VR and AR technologies out in the real world.

Source: http://lana-sator.livejournal.com/149761.html

From a search for mushrooms in the deep forests of Russia, a few people came across a forgotten cache of military vehicles.

Such a great find with a view to behold!
I normally stick to military videos regarding strategy, tactics, and technology - but this one just had to be seen.

A GI has a head mounted camera for some first-person action only to have an IED go off near him (don't worry, he lives).
Nearly 25 minutes of awesomeness, brought to you by youtube user pwnisher.

Be sure to check out the original Cardboard Warfare (posted here a while back) and Cardboard Warfare 1.5
Source: Nootropic Design

The Defusable Clock is a fully-functional alarm clock just like you’d expect (a normal beeping alarm, snooze alarm, etc.). But at any time you can press the big red button to start a scary countdown sequence exactly like bombs in Hollywood movies. There are 4 wires across the top of the clock. You have 10 seconds to choose the correct wire to cut: one wire stops the countdown and saves the day, two have no effect, and one will “detonate” the device immediately. These role of each wire is randomly assigned when the detonate button is pressed, so it’s a new challenge every time. Also, the wires are attached with screw terminals, so you can replace them easily.

The microcontroller is an ATmega328 with the Arduino bootloader, so this clock is programmable with the Arduino IDE. The ATmega328 is certainly more powerful than needed for a clock, but this device has lots of inputs/outputs, and ATmega328 chips are now about the same price as the older ATmega168. It keeps very accurate time and requires a simple 9V “wall wart” power adapter. A special alarm mode lets you even use the countdown sequence as the alarm and require it to be defused when you wake up in the morning.
I thought everybody would like an instructional video on how to make your own Airsoft gun using pressurized air.

Its about 10 minutes long, uploaded by youtube user Nighthawkinlight
California Senate Bill 798, which proposes that airsoft guns be brightly colored, has not been passed! Congratulations to the California Airsofters!

Final results are 5 no, and 2 yes by the following :
Tom Ammiano - Chair Dem-13 NO
Steve Knight - Vice Chair Rep-36 NO
Nancy Skinner Dem-14 NO
Curt Hagman Rep-60 NO
Jerry Hill Dem-19 NO
Gilbert Cedillo Dem-45 YES
Holly J. Mitchell Dem-47 YES

Audio from the hearing can be downloaded here:

However, the fight is not quite over, as Senator Kevin DeLeón is repositioning to reconsider the bill in the fall.

On Tuesday June 21, 09:00 AM, there will be a Safety Committee Hearing on SB 789.

Please support the opposition of the Senate Bill at the following location:
State Capitol Building
Room 126 10th and L Street
Sacramento, California.
...for your viewing pleasure - enjoy!
Airsoft is once again under attack in California with the proposal of a new California Bill SB798 that will require all airsoft guns to be colored entirely in a bright color.

California is a large and active community of airsoft enthusiasts, many of which participate in Mil-Sim and Reenactment operations. Obviously, if the bill were to pass in California, many Nevada airsoft participants would be affected as well.

The national airsoft industry is unanimously against CA Bill SB798 and are contacting the California state government to voice their opposition to this bill in support of California airsoft enthusiasts. 

Please do your part to make yourself heard.

However, this is not enough. YOU, the airsoft player, need to make YOUR voice heard in this argument. At the bottom of this announcement is the contact information for the California State Senator, Kevin de Leon, who drafted this bill. Please contact him and your local state representative to make your voice heard against this bill!

For more information: SB 798 Bill:

Additional SB798 News Resources:

Click "Read More" for contact information.

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