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The scenario generator is available for public testing!

It has been several months in the making - and it is far from being finished. We were so excited that we got to a point where it is usable that we offered a working version to the public.

This generator is an online tool to create an objective-based airsoft scenario by using interactive online forms combided with Google Maps. This tool provides a step-by-step process of creating several objectives for teams to complete. Each objective contains a map with markers defined by GPS location associated with objective instructions.

You can try it for yourself at http://projects.nvairsoft.com/scenario_generator or and view ongoing discussion on our forums

Do let us know if you come across any critical bugs or if you have any suggestions for improvement. We are still deep in development and improving the code, so keep an eye out for future versions with more features.
In a world where rubber bands are the only weapons, an elite squad must rescue a high-value hostage deep in the mountains.
Here's some local action for you, hosted and organized by Roman, filmed in Las Vegas on January 8.

This was filmed using a GoPro HD Hero mounted on the stock tube of a brand new KWA M4
Airsoft Megastore recently took some time off work (3 weeks to be exact) to make a fan made mini-film of our staffs' favorite game Battlefield at SC Viper in Corona, California. With the help of local airsoft team, Team Cobra, we were able to film what we dubbed as "Battlefield 5: Operation Viper"

This is a promotional video for their giveaway of 4 brand new AGM P90 AEG's.

Check out their e-store or their youtube channel
Has a bit of the uber-violence, but this movie seems to have potential and promises a different style of action outside of what Hollywood usually gives us.

Deep in the heart of Jakarta's slums lies an impenetrable safe house for the world's most dangerous killers and gangsters. Until now, the rundown apartment block has been considered untouchable to even the bravest of police.

Cloaked under the cover of pre-dawn darkness and silence, an elite swat team is tasked with raiding the safe house in order to take down the notorious drug lord that runs it. But when a chance encounter with a spotter blows their cover and news of their assault reaches the drug lord, the building's lights are cut and all the exits blocked. Stranded on the 6th floor with no way out, the unit must fight their way through the city's worst to survive their mission.
Interesting take on Hollywood's influence towards military recruitment.

Take a gander at the Swedish Armed Forces website at http://www.forsvarsmakten.se/en/

No team is perfect, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be better.

I wanted to create a series of articles to encourage airsoft players to form an airsoft team or, at least, find ways to help improve it.

This article provides insight of real team leaders in their own words – giving both the highs and lows of their experiences running an organization.

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Some great helmet cam action filmed by the ultra-creative Freddie Wong featuring crew from Warped OPS Airsoft.

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