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As part of our series of continuous improvements to the website, we've focused our efforts to develop new and exciting forum features.

In this edition, we've changed the layout of user profiles that integrate split panes and easy to navigate tabs. This will make all the information less cumbersome while providing more structure to the profile data.

The best feature by far is the new "Team Information" tab.
This is a dedicated section that provides extended information such as your team logo (150px x 150px), website URL, and team description. As a bonus, your Team Name will also show up in your mini-profile when you make a post on the forums.

If you want to update your profile, follow the instructions after the jump...

Follow these steps to update your profile information:

First, login and navigate to the forums.

From the Forums, click on the "User Control Panel" link, located under the main navigation to the left.

From the UCP, click on the "Profile" tab.

Enter your team information near the bottom of the page and click "Submit" when done.
  • You must enter a Team Name in order for the information to appear in your forum profile.
  • Prefix your Team Website with http://
    - For example: http://www.unitedtaskforce.com
  • Prefix your Team Logo with http://
    - Logos will be resized to 150px wide by 150px tall
    - Logos cannot be uploaded (you must host them on your own)
    - You can link to an image on your own website or use an image hosting service like photobucket.com
  • Write a descriptive summary for your Team Information.
    - It might be a good idea to include an e-mail address or phone number to make it easier for people to contact you.