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Thousands gathered for the Milipol Expo in Paris, France for advances in technology for the military, police, and security sectors. Here are some highlights from 2009's show.

FN Herstal has taken a SCAR assault rifle, and put a "black box" inside the handgrip, networking it with the soldier ("with a kind of Bluetooth" according to the PR guy), and also to home base. The grip is a sealed, 10-year unit that logs the number of bullets fired and remaining ammo a la Aliens. They're also working on pairing to specific soldiers, perhaps using biometrics. Deactivating it if the Taliban get it, for instance? "In the near future," said PR man enigmatically.

The  Black Box detects, discriminates, counts shots, measures burst rates and burst lengths, records firing sequences and detects stoppages due to failures to cycle. Storing such information allows preventive maintenance and facilitates corrective maintenance, which greatly increases weapon reliability and availability.Place article text here.

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RiotBot by Technorobot

The RiotBot is billed by its makers as "the first robot for riot control." It uses a PS3-looking remote controller to zip this PepperBall-equipped metal beast at 12 miles/hour into all kinds of riots. The carbine fires at 700 rounds per minute and can be operated for 2 hours.

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Yes, believe it or not, this Pistol-Rifle system, which was spotted at Milipol 2009, converts any standard pistol into an assault rifle. Gimmicky? Mostly.

Built by CAA Tactical, it adds a stock, front grip, picatinny rails, sight/scope and extra mag holder, while being compatible with a silencer. But it doesn't extend the barrel, for instance, nor can it replace pistol ammo with the larger cartridges assault rifles use for range. Nor can you go from semi to full auto, of course.

It may not turn your pistol into a true rifle, but the Pistol-Rifle converter does make the pistol more steady and therefore more accurate.

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