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The Barrett M82 Sniper Rifle from SOCOM Gear is a beast of a gun. It's nearly 5 feet long and weighs almost 30 pounds. Check out this full review from Tim at Airsoft GI. 

The SOCOM Gear Barrett M82 is unlike any other airsoft gun in the world. SOCOM Gear has the legal licensing to use Barrett's name and they've built an unrivaled masterpiece. No other company has Barrett's blessing to put their name on airsoft products, as a result, the companies trade mark is proudly located on the side of the body. The exterior is rock solid, everything is metal (except for the parts that aren't supposed to be, of course), and every detail mirrors the real Barrett .50 cal. This is the ultimate sniper rifle for the ultimate sniper. No other long range airsoft replica can compare to the beast that is the SOCOM Gear Barrett M82!