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If there are no airsoft teams that hold games in your area, you may need to organize your own game. Before you do, it is important to understand what you are getting into.

First, some important warnings. Never, ever, play airsoft on public property. Not only may you be arrested, you are also risking your life and the lives of others. In the United States police officers will respond to your game as if you had real firearms. Also, understand that the landowner may be personally liable for accidents. Liability laws very from state to state and country to country.

If you intend on hosting a large game first talk to people who have hosted one themselves. If you want to have a small game with a group of friends on private land which you have permission of the property owner to use, then you should be okay. Plan some scenarios out before hand and make sure everyone attending understands airsoft safety!

There have been reported cases where people traveled long distances to attend games which were abruptly ended due to land owner permission conflicts. You do not want to be responsible for not only wasting many people's weekends but also putting them and yourself in a major liability situation.

Because of problems that have occurred, many veteran airsoft players will be hesitant at attending games held by new airsoft players they are unfamiliar with you. If you really want to host a game make sure that you have attended plenty of games in the area and proven to the players that you are not only reliable but trustworthy. Also consider helping host games initially before you run your own airsoft game. Many airsoft players just want to play an airsoft game and don't wish to be involved in actually setting an airsoft game up. Once they know you, they'll be happy to let you help run an airsoft game.

Due to a mixture of liability issues and commercial profitability problems there are not as many airsoft games as most airsoft players would like. For many players organizing and running an airsoft game is as big of an issue as the airsoft guns themselves.

The popularity of airsoft varies considerably depending on where you are located. In certain countries, such as the UK, there are numerous commercial airsoft fields. We, in the United States,  are not quite as lucky. Many airsoft games are the result of hard work by dedicated players who will receive no compensation for what they have done with the exceptoins of their fellow peers.