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Style: Team

Suggested Players: 10 or more

Suggested Terrain: Any area of play should work

Time: NA

Setup Required: One team is placed in an easily defensible area. They are limited to the area of their defense. If a flag is being used then it must be hanging well within their defensive positions. In order for the attacking forces to win, they must either pull off the flag or kill everyone and hold the base with out any losses for 90 seconds. If a flag is being used it is not necessary to carry or move the flag, but simply pull it off the string without being eliminated.

Props Required: Flag of any kind.

Goal: Get the enemy flag or kill all enemy players.

Instructions: It is recommended that the attacking forces maneuver aggressively to win. Since the defenders might know where the attack is coming, it is better to run from cover to cover rather than try to sneak up closer. If possible, a human wave attack can be used successfully in this type of game, but are difficult to organize. Once a weakness is found, or created, in the defense, it is important to exploit the weakness immediately, before the defense can be reorganized.

Example: Not needed

Alternate Rules: None at this time.