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A new Microsoft Research project, called first-person hyperlapse, that makes sped-up videos a little more bearable by eliminating erratic camera shake.

This tech would make for some interesting airsoft videos in the future.
G&G Armament hosted an Airsoft event at Hollywood Sports Park and supplied a bunch of awesome guns to use. All those AK's and M4's were put to good use and played a classic Counter-Strike game where the Terrorists must plant a bomb and the Counter Terrorists must kill all Terrorists or defuse the bomb.

The officers, on patrol Tuesday in Sonoma County, reported seeing the boy carrying what appeared to be a black AK-47, reports the AP. A photo made public after the tragedy show a toy weapon with a black magazine cartridge and brown butt.

Sheriff's Lieutenant Dennis O'Leary told reporters the deputies called for backup and repeatedly ordered the boy to drop the weapon before they both opened fire with their handguns. It was not clear whether the boy, later identified as Andy Lopez by his father Rodrigo, pointed the weapon at the officers.

See the entire article at http://rt.com/usa/boy-13-shot-toy-gun-644/

news big reno show

This went viral - TheRealUtorak was shot 20 feet away at 430 FPS. He was wearing eye protection, but it the shot came from underneath his glasses.

TheRealUtorak states:
"My eye is permanently damaged. The injury caused pressure on the optic never and retina which caused swelling of the optic nerve and tore small holes in my retina. There are spots of black in my vision, but i'm used to it now that I rarely notice it."

Having learned a valuable lesson, he has switched to goggles.
news big reno show

November 16-18, 2012 | Fri-Sat 9AM-6PM, Sun 9AM-3PM

The Big Reno Show offers 1.5 acres of exhibitor space at the Grand Sierra Resort for firearms, clothing, and accessories. You will need a couple of hours to check out the vast selection this venue has to offer. It is certainly worth the $10 admission (online registration) to access the great deals for your airsoft gun and gear.

Last year I purchased a holo sight, 3X flip-to-side mount scope, rail covers, sling, and an angled foregrip - all at competitive prices that met or beat online/internet deals.

I strongly encourage you to attend - check out bigrenoshow.com for more info.
Special Forces (US Rangers) method of opening velcro without anyone hearing the velcro.
This 4 ton mech, priced nearly at $1.5 million, offers a LOHAS rocket launcher and dual gatling guns - all safe for airsoft!.
'The Kuratas can be controlled either through the one-man cockpit or from the outside using any smartphone connected to the 3G network. The robot, has around 30 hydraulic joints which the pilot moves using motion control. As it is made to order the style conscious buyer will not have to worry about sticking to the grey exterior – it comes in 16 colours, including black and pink, and for an extra £60 they will sort you out with a cup holder.'
Yes - this is real! Yes - you can buy one for yourself!

Check out the Suidobashi Heavy Industies website and another video after the jump (click on the "more" link on the bottom-right corner of the article preview).

Saturday, July 14, 2012 | 9AM - Reno, NV

Are you coming?

This isn't your everyday skirmish - this is a fun operation with a variety of objectives with use of cool props.

Check out the event details here.


Initial reports indicate big rig slammed into line of vehicles

At least one of the people injured was trapped after the collision, the California Highway Patrol said shortly after the incident -- involving two big rigs, two trucks and a sedan about 7:30 a.m. near Kirkville Road.

Source: KCRA.com


A bomb squad detonated a suspicious package as a precaution

Yuba City, CA - The Butte County bomb squad detonated the package at about 4 p.m., about four hours after the small metal ammunition case was found on the north end of the parking lot, behind the Hometown Buffet on Colusa Avenue.

A portion of the parking lot was roped off and motorists were diverted around the suspected danger zone, but no businesses were interrupted, police said. Members of the bomb squad task force X-rayed the package, but were unable to determine the contents. Officers then cleared a larger portion of the parking lot before the package was detonated.

Source: Appeal Democrat

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