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Operation Conquest Domination: Battlefield 3
Operation Conquest Domination: Battlefield 3
Sat, Nov 10 09:00
Three Creeks


Attention Northern Nevada from the hosts that brought you Black Hawk Down: We are proud to announce Operation Conquest Domination inspired by Battlefield 3, Sponsored by Steves Army Surplus.
For this op you must register for your class, team and props. depending on your class you will eather pay $40 or $60 (details below) this gets you a Raffle ticket, a meal (hotdogs and drinks,) the prop for your specific class and all the ammo, matrix 0.23.

Recon 12 spots $40- spawn beacon, MAV (not provided)
Assault 12 spots $40- Defibrillator, Grenade launcher (not provided)
Support 12 spots $40- Ammo can, C4/Claymore (not provided)
Engineer 12 spots $60- RPG, Repair tool, Driver of a vehicle, Mines (not provided)

To Register i will need your name, class you want to be, and a team (American, Russians, or no preference)
Send the info to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

FB Event page w/ more info:


The Three Creeks Airsoft field lies in Dog Valley, northwest of Reno as part of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest.

  1. From the Reno 395/I-80 intersection, travel north on Highway 395 taking exit 83 to Bordertown.
  2. At the stop sign, turn left (west) across the bridge.
  3. Turn right (north) at the next stop sign onto Frontage Road, going past the Bordertown Casino. 
  4. Continue on Valley Road, it will turn into a dirt road. (Congratulations, you are in California)
  5. Make a hair-pin turn over the train tracks.
  6. Take the right side for the fork in the road.
  7. Keep going until you reach an intersection, go straight.
  8. You will reach the Toyabe Forest Dog Valley Campground when you see the Ranger District signs.
  9. Turn left at the signs, and follow the road for .8 miles. Watch for cars – it’ll be narrow.

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# gavinman93 2012-10-11 18:49
IF I GET 15 MORE REGISTER'S IN THE NEXT 2 WEEKS I WILL BE ABLE TO GIVE 50% OFF. ALL CLASSES WILL BE HALF PRICE! FOR EVERYONE. Make sure you register within the next 2 weeks this will only be in play until the 24th. Get your friends excited. I have also updated the description of the operation so check that out as-well. The classes are a lot more lenient to the point where your gun doesn't specify your class, you get to specify your own class so if you need to re register let me know!